Song to support​ 15 year old cancer ​victim going viral!​

National Recording Artist and Kansas City native, Luke Minx along YouTube sensation, Maddi Jane, collaborate with “Hold On,” a new song and music video benefiting 15 yr. old Jonas Borchert currently battling cancer. Accumulating over 400,000 views in less than a three months, the videos popularity has increased exposure of Jonas condition and raising proceeds to benefit The Borchert family in their time of need.  With music produced by Sony ATV Multi-Platinum Producer, Mike Dupree, and video production assembled by Bizzness Films and Bryant McCain, the goal is to raise funds for Jonas and the Borchert family covering medical and living costs through this difficult time. 


“Hold On” was recorded with Eric Surratt of Midrange Music and MR3 Studios in Kansas City as well as music video shot with Bizzness Films in the greater KC area. In support of Jonas and his family, Maddi Jane’s version was recorded in Chicago in an effort to spread the message through her fan base around the world. 


Watch: Luke Minx and Maddi Jane – Hold On  

Buy Now on ITunes:


 Monetary donations along with support of Jonas Borchert, the 15 yr. old boy battling aggressive cancer is greatly appreciated. With hopes set on completing his sophomore year, Jonas continues to be an outstanding student, talented baseball pitcher, wrestler, musician while having dreams of becoming a pilot in the future. Jonas continues to fight with hope, faith, and diligence having beat cancer twice before through doctors diagnosis for no cure and very little chance with remission. 


Team Jonas is committed to finding cutting-edge technology through your donations to find a cure for Jonas along with others such as him.  Please join Luke and Maddi and Team Jonas in raising funds to help. To hear more about his story and to donate to his cause please visit: 

To keep the fight alive, Luke and Maddi have teamed up with GIGG to expand the outreach of Jonas story.

Luke and Maddi currently are involved in an online competition partnership with, a website “focused on discovering the greatest musicians in the world while allowing fan participation in the discovery process.” Gigg with Luke and Maddi’s hit duet “Hold On” seeks fans to cover the song and/or any Luke or Maddi song in their own style. Winners will be chosen at the end of May receiving a number of different prizes including a Tune Headphones, Skype phone call with the artists.’s reach accumulates to millions and millions of music fans around the world via their website also reaching hundreds of thousands via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Winners are chosen by mainstream artists as well as the user community receiving various prizes, sometimes even the chance to perform on some of the hottest stages around the world. Previous online competitions have included Skylar Grey (Grammy Award Winner), Robin Thicke, Jay Sean, Maroon 5, and many others.


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From the heart of the country music world… Nashville, get ready for the new television programme NCR:  Nashville Country Revival. The brainchild of Bill Traylor and John Mathis of THE MANSION ENTERTAINMENT, the show focuses on the inspirational stories and songs of Country, Gospel and Blue Grass singers from the legendary to the new from TG Sheppard, Jimmy Fortune, Larry Stewart (Restless Heart), Gary Morris, John Berry, William Lee Golden (Oak Ridge Boys) and many others.  The show’s presenter is Bill Traylor, joining up for some interviews are Backstage Ministries own Larry Wilhite.


The programme has been picked up by Daystar, The Nashville Network, LeSEA Broadcasting, VTN  and DirectTVl.  Check out the sizzle reel   More information on Bill, John and their endeavours in music and shows can be found at   Make sure and follow on Twitter and Facebook for upcoming guest and more information on the show, along with exclusive behind the scenes Instagram photos, extended interviews and videos.


Further enquiries should be directed to LRT ENTERTAINMENT  via Audra Cheek


bil tImage

A Rhythmic Ribbon of Neo Soul and Hip Hop, a shot of musical intoxication…Tequila!


Tequila Corinthian McClinton was born in Berkeley, Ca and raised in North Oakland, where she was exposed to music and performing at an early age through her father’s church to eventually hosting her own talk show along with participating in a number of local bands and music groups.  A magnet on the playground for her musical talents the entertainment bug bite early.  While in grade school, it was commonplace for Tequila to be hosting a number of students to a freestyle beat box session or a freestyle rap. Tequila is not your average recording artist, she has been entertaining fans for many years from the church to sold out arenas Her first single with Bay Area Legend Mike Marshall had a very profound hook, Mike says “It took a lot of hard work to get here, but I’m here to stay,” It was the jump off of much more to come!


Now on with LRT MUSIC GROUP, with her first single HISTORY to be launched 12 June 2014  Tequila’s excellent vocal prowess will resonate throughout her  upcoming EP “Positive Vibes”, a collection of the full Tequila package from Soul, rap, jazz, scat, r&b and more which shall be showcased over exceptional production. Production from East Coast and West Coast producers gives this project and fulfilling sound.  Her musical growth and sound have changed over the years, but you will always hear the deep passion and soul from a troubled past with a strong Christian upbringing.  The music has matured with age and comparisons persist to others in the industry. The charisma is as magnetic as ever as fan and strangers know instantly they are in the presence of someone that is on the verge of something special.

Make sure and check her out on her for music and video’s along with updates. Like her and the NeoSoul sound on Facebook and follow on Twitter @TEQUILASWAG  all press enquiries should be sent to LRT PR Division  all other enquiries should be sent to

tequila-covermopreme tequila




The Music Adventures of the REAL DJ Johnny Qwest AKA MR. MASH-UP…


The Music Adventures of the REAL DJ Johnny Qwest  AKA MR. MASH-UP….Fresh and Funky Mash Up Beat Master! At home on the DECKS he not only DJ’s but is a producer and engineer; a music mogul in the making with a plethora of projects at hand.  A new Mix Tape: Mash Ups Vol 1;  Working with MC Hydro Phonics, Four dub, Ghetto Blasters;  building a new studio; launching his own label:  Qwest Music Group and dropping a new album later on this year. Check out his bangin’ site for music and details of all he has on check out the website

A bit about Johnny Qwest.. At a young age, Qwest recognized his passion for expression through sound as his father exposed him to records in the jazz, Mo’town, and classic rock realms. By age 15, he was following his love of music by teaching himself how to DJ.  It was from this moment, that he realized how music would ultimately become a very significant part of his life. Exploring every opportunity he could to express his love for music, Qwest enrolled at the Institute of Audio Research as a Audio Engineer major. Quickly, he knew that his contribution to music went deeper than simply recording and mixing, and so he embarked on a musical journey. His years of DJ experience have allowed him to work alongside some of the most influential acts in the industry, from Mary J. Blige to Britney Spears, and Biggie to Jay-Z. Today, J Qwest pushes forward from all of his music business angles. He continues his career simultaneously acting as a DJ, with his first release “THE REMIXES VOL III” on the way. This will be his first release on the LRT/INgrooves/Universal label

Follow him on Twitter:   DjJohnnyQwest;  “Like” him on Facebook:  DjJohnnyQwest  to make sure you get all the updates, downloads and the links to get his new stuff.  All enquires for interviews and the like should be directed to LRT PR via  or   AKA MR. MASH-UP



Aussie Pop Star Bullied for wearing slacks!



On a night when powerful women in the arts were celebrated, including Australia’s Cate Blanchett, another Aussie was finding herself experiencing unexpected distasteful comments. Whilst at an A-list after party at the W Hotel in Hollywood Sunday night, Australian singer/songwriter Katja Glieson found herself being harassed by some of the guests because she chose not to look like a Barbie doll.

“Weren’t you that girl in a beautiful dress? Oh no that’s not you, you must be a lesbian,” one of the male guests commented to her whilst she was enjoying the scenery with a friend, Aussie actress Emily O’Meara. “She put on a brave face, but I could tell it made her second guess herself,” O’Meara said.

It’s not a topic that is completely foreign to the singer, as she has been bullied and abused by men in and out of the industry. For Glieson, the idea that a woman ‘must be a lesbian’ because she chose to not wear a dress is abhorrent. After an evening of expected luxury in hopes to network herself, she found familiar experiences and the question remained “Why does society expect you to be someone you’re not?”

“I don’t believe in any labels. Love is love regardless of whom you fall in love with man or woman. Gender should not place judgment on an individual’s life” stated by Glieson. “The idea that not wearing a dress makes me any less feminine than any other woman in the room is absurd. To put an ignorant label that I’m a lesbian and using it in a derogatory way makes me feel very sad that even in one of the most open and accepting cities these labels are still being used to try to bring people down. I chose my attire based on who I am and what the current trends are in fashion. I don’t feel like I have to wear a fancy or gaudy dress to look sexy or attractive.”

Glieson’s popularity has grown exponentially in the LGBT community as she has a number of songs about feeling comfortable in your own skin, finding your inner strength and has an engaging and fun personality on stage. She is slated to perform at a number of PRIDE events in 2014 including a performance at Here Lounge on April 6th.

“I love the whole community,” she said, with a cheeky smile on her face. “Everyone is so lovely and nobody ever judges anyone. For me that’s really refreshing and so important in this world, especially with so much hate and ridicule that’s out there.”

Glieson also spoke about her most recent project, a new single ’Shooting Star’ with an accompanying video, being Episode 6 in an award winning series of music videos that she self produces.

“My new song ’Shooting Star’ is all about these issues as well as letting go of fear and being who you really are. In the video, we have a young boy who is being bullied, but then is able to remember he is his own ‘Shooting Star’ where he breaks out of the violence and hate”, Glieson said about her upcoming video. “There’s also a girl in the video who overcomes self-hatred and an eating disorder along with a woman that overcomes domestic abuse. Then they all escape and come join The Resistance with me at the end! It’s a lot of fun, we all get to do a fun dance with everyone involved!”.

Glieson has a documentary entitled “We Are Human” that talks about the bullying in her past and how it relates to her music and video series, which can be seen by visiting

Contact LRT PR via  or at 614 288 1660


Saturday, March 15th
The Nation Reunion party
The 15th anniversary of the opening night on VelvetNation. 
Nation Anthems by Chris Cox
Live performance by SK8
Decor by 3DX (formerly RKM)
Nation slide show courtesy of MW. 
Town Danceboutique 
2009 8th St NW
Washington DC

Uploaded on 27 Jan 2010

SK8 performing her hit single “Nation” at the legendary Washington, DC venue of the same name.
This is a live performance recorded at Velvet Nation during Pride Weekend.
Features the X-Faction Dance Crew.
Music produced by Chris Cox.
Video directed by Jer Olsen.
Special thanks to Yiannis Elia and Ed Bailey.


Machine Gun Preacher

LRT Publishing Logo

New book from the MACHINE GUN PREACHER …LIVING ON THE EDGE set to launch, is  the follow up book to ANOTHER MANS WAR.  The book and life of Sam Childers was the basis for the feature film MACHINE GUN PREACHER which started Gerard Butler that hit theatres in 2011;  the new book picks up where the first one left off going into more depth on his mission to save the innocent boys and girls in East Africa.  This new book will be distributed by LRT Publishing, you can find out more details here just tic the link

A brief synopsis of Sam Childers story:   In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, addicted gang biker Sam Childers is released from prison and learns that his wife Lynn is no longer a stripper but has converted to Christianity. One night, Sam and his best friend Donnie give a ride to a hitchhiker who threatens Donnie with a pocketknife; however Sam reacts and turns the tables on the stranger. Sam is affected by the incident and is convinced by Lynn and his mother Daisy to join their church, and he is baptized. Sam finds a straight job in construction. When he meets a preacher from Africa, he decides to visit the continent. Sam travels to Northern Uganda and South Sudan many times and builds an orphanage for the victims of the cruel Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Further, he fights whenever necessary and becomes a legend known as The Machine Gun Preacher.  Speaking with great reverence regarding what the children of Africa have done for him on a personal level Sam has been quoted saying:  “I never saved any children in the Sudan, they saved me. If it wasn’t for the children in the Sudan and in Uganda, I wouldn’t know where I would be today. They’re the ones that changed my life, enough that I could almost walk away right now and live a nice little life in the hills of Pennsylvania, but I just started in Ethiopia and I am getting ready to go into Somalia. I’m just beginning to rescue children around the world.”

As recent as 7 Feb 2014 Sam has been the target of a federal investigation after FBI and IRS agents raided his home, business and donation warehouse in Somerset County PA destroying a ton of donations that were due to be sent to children in need;  Sam has  said the feds are interrupting his work and in turn hurting hundreds of children who lack the resources to help themselves; he knows what the feds are looking for but said they’re not going to find it. Sam’s statement has been “I don’t have anything to hide” you can find all the answers in his new Book “Living on the Edge”
In addition to the hit film Sam is now the subject of a documentary that is due out April of this year entitled The Machine Gun Preacher .  Last October,  Sam  was chosen to be the first American been to receive the Mother Teresa Memorial International Award for Social Justice, one of the most prestigious awards bestowed by the Harmony Foundation in Mumbai, India  for his humanitarian and benevolent acts through The Angels of East Africa. 

There is a lot more to the story….For further information make sure to check out the website, press enquiries and requests can be directed to LRT PR either to  or

Sam and Augustino in Gulu -Northern Uganda 2013SAMSUNG CSC

Ethiopian Project - NEW 4 story Building that will have supermarket, bakery, hairsaloon and hotel as well as orphanes home and giving them a job in shops


Breaking out from Down Under!  Brecik [pronounced Bret-Chick] is a scathingly brilliant mixture of 80’s Synth Pop with the heart racing Pop of today’s dance scene.  Powerful and seductive the boy hits that perfect pitch with an emotional merger of pop, rock and dance; Brecik’s playful edge is reminiscent of the sounds of Erasure, David Bowie and George Michael.  His new release BREAK DOWN brings you to a pulsating rock-tronica climax erupting on to the Hit Parade, bringing back the phrase Top of the Pops!

Brecik started singing back in the day with an amazing Adelaide cover band ‘Chunky Custard’ performing all the hits from the 70’s and 80’s. On making the move to Melbourne he knew that singing was in his blood and what he wanted to continue with. Brecik started collaborating with some of the hottest producers around at the time, creating a selection of tracks that struck a chord with the Electro Dance loving population! With the addition of Mz Ari on guest vocals, Dan hitting the guitar and Production by SonicBoy and Stuart Stuart in 2010 – a new sound was created and the ‘Red Rocket’ was launched! ‘Red Rocket’ featured the hit ‘BreakDown’ which has a huge following and has been used in fashion parades and videos around the world! A special cover of Madonna’s ‘Into The Groove’ was released – with Brecik giving their explosive rocktronica take on the dance classic – winning them more fans world over!

In 2012, Bring It On and BreakDown was featured singles as the preludes to the highly anticipated album RezErection which has been 3 years in the making. Working with Melbourne hottest new producer ‘Jeffo’ – RezErection adds to the already amazing electro dance feel – incorporating elements of dubstep and club beats to complete that perfect sound which will vibrate through your body – you will not be able to keep still taking in this new music. RezErection – the vivacious new album will be launching very soon – This will be a sensational release that you will not want to miss out on.


a very sneaky spur of the moment video made in the studio for one of the tracks about to be released on the new ‘RezErection’ album. Filmed on a go pro by producer Jeffo, ‘Enough Is Enough [bugging out]‘ is completely inspired by the Mob Wives reality show (all rights of footage used owned by VH1) which it’s no secret that Brecik is addicted to and spent many nights in the studio watching back to back episodes…. this video really does depict the type of fun that Jeffo and Brecik would have in the studio! The complete RezErection album – coming soon!

Enough Is Enough [bugging out] (szupan/wolfe) 2014

LIKE him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter for current updates, pics and what’s on with Brecik.  Check out his websites and watch his videos on his YouTube Page  Booking enquires should be directed to his mngt team  at Melodic Music  Interview and other PR enquiries should be directed to Al Geiner PR/LRT Entertainment or 614.288.1660





LRT PR has Inked a deal with one of the largest Music Pools and one of the top record/music/digital pools by DJs and a record/music/digital pool for DJs around the world. Our members include some of the hottest club, mixshow, Billboard, mobile, radio & mixtape DJs, plus professional remixer/producers throughout the USA, Canada & around the WORLD. Digital Music/Record Pools and MP3 Pools.  This company has grown to just over 150,026 DJs around the globe by the end of 2013. We just hit the 157,000 Registered DJs mark, as they continue to grow around the globe. Our Music/Record Pool strives to get all that’s available from records labels & artist around the world that service Record/Music/Digital/MP3/Video pools. As DJs, we know in the clubs, college parties, sports venues, radio & mixshows it’s all about having that fresh, new and limited edition music FIRST! Artist, producers, record labels, media companies we’re here to help expose your music, artist, products & companies around the globe. Let’s break some records in 2014.



VIP Featured Artist Special – consist of your artist’s picture or CD cover, which will be setup on the VIP Featured Artist area on the front page of our website. Clicking on that picture takes you to the main page setup for your artist’s bios, pictures, links to whatever sites & or social networking sites that are associated with the artist, contact info for artist & or label. There will be a music player setup to play a snippet or full version of your latest release or even the video, plus we will also setup a poll & or a comment section for visitors & our DJs to vote or comment whether they like the song or not, too. This will run on our website for 8 weeks on that VIP Featured Artist section. This setup/page will turn into a VIP Music Review on the site, with all the same content running in the Music Review section for from then on.  As part of this special, we can load the song up for our 150,000+ registered DJs around the globe to have access to, to help maximize the exposure through the pool, which normally cost an additional $100 with any promo package, per song not mix. Then we’ll setup a link to this page on our bi-weekly newsletter, which goes out to over 200,000 music professionals & all of our DJs around the globe. We’ll be posting links to this VIP FA setup on all of our social networking systems like, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Tumblr & Myspace all for only $600 through LRT. That’s normally over $1000 worth of advertisement & promotions


What we will need from you:


Artist Name

Artist Label

Cover art

Links to website, Facebook and twitter


We have submitted J.O Jetson with his new hit single “Whirlwind”  we will send out links when this has been put out so you can see how it works!



If your budgets are tight, then we can setup a Featured Music Review for you with a poll so that people can vote whether they like your song or not for $275. This will run on the front page for 2 weeks under the Featured Music Review section, which is under the VIP Featured Artist section, to the right. It will also be running under the Music Reviews section of our website, after the 2 weeks, from now on. We also can setup a Featured Artist for you with a poll so that people can vote whether they like your song or not for$325. This will run on the front page for 2 weeks on the Featured Artist section, which is to the right of the VIP Featured Artist section on the front page of our site. It will also be running under the Music Reviews section of our website, after the 2 weeks, from now on.  (You will be responsible for already having your song setup in some sort of a player system like Youtube, so that we can embed the player into the review, otherwise there will be an additional fee for setting that up with a custom built music player). These reviews are not meant to be Billboard quality reviews, rather something to help draw attention to special projects that we are working through the pool, for our DJs & the thousands of visitors on our website weekly. We will post a link to the music review page on any of your websites, blogs, social networking sites & or e-mail blast..

As part of our promotional system, we are the exclusive music provider for several radio groups with just over 900 internet & terrestrial radio stations around the globe, which includes syndicated mixshows like Al Walser’s Weekly Top 20 Dance Show, reaching listeners in over 50 countries. We do not guarantee radio spins, but we do advise stations on up & coming new hits.


For more information please contact LRT PR Audra Cheek at


Lisa Thomas


LRT Music Group, LLC



The beats keep bangin out for Stromile!


The beats keep bangin out for Stromile!  Starting out from the West Coast and now poised to wash over the whole of the continental States and beyond!  His freestyle and battle techniques gave him that much need niche’ to be a “name” in the scene; teaming up with a plethora of talented DJ’s Stromile started doing shows from his home town of Bakersfield, to LA, Ventura, even branching into some of the top Hip Hop clubs in Vegas.  Besides recently accepting  an Independent Urban Music Appreciation Award for Best Male Rap Artist (Angel’s Clubhouse), Stromile has now gained Sponsorship of hat company Brim Of The World; he also got the chance to appear in  the filming of Who’s The Best EmCee (MindPowerProd),

He is the new crooner of the Hip Hop/Rap landscapem All you have to do is CHECK OUT his sick tunes via the link  For updates on appearances, what’s on and some pretty brilliant snaps  “Like” him on Facebook just look for Stromile, on Twitter @StromileU1Ent and Instagram its instastro
‘Watch Me Do my Thang’ is a joyride through a day in the life with me. From my days of growing up, to sleepless nights of trying to make something from nothing. ‘Watch Me Do My Thang’ delivers a balance between hard hitting bass drops, pure energy and witty lyricism. This is the type of track that can be played morning, noon and night, whether waking up and ironing, on the ride to or from work in traffic, pumping up a workout, clearing your mind or during the nightlife all the way to the morning again… It’s about proving something to the non believers as if to say… BITCH ‘Watch Me Do My Thang’! HA…-STROMILE 

Now on with Unforgettable1Ent/LRT/INgroovesFontana/Universal (Distribution) Stromile being the next Hip Hop name that you’ll know is inevitable. Further enquiries and requests for media can be direct to

photo 2