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PR has greatly changed since I first ventured into the field in 1992, from sitting at the typewriter, rolodex on hand and a stack of envelopes, when the internet came around the way to PR changed and now with social media such an integrated part of the way we communicate and get the word out the way to PR has changed once more.  Combining PR with social media vastly improves getting the word out and about along with creating that all important buzz.


Each Social Media~PR campaign is tailored to what each client needs of course, there are some basics that each one entails with that said NO campaign follows an A..B…C…D.. system, it’s just the way how it works. Add in that Publicist  are at the mercy of bloggers, editors, strategic tweeters/social media buzzers and producers who get up to 5000 request per week from a variety of publicist and sometimes artist themselves (although those typically get ignored by the big ones); what is needed is a Publicist/Social Media expert that is persistent and tenacious, which are the TWO words that have been used to describe me for over 24 years.

  • Press Release~  When it comes to the press release they are far from your typical. Generally they are short, sweet and to the point as today’s editors/bloggers/producers do not have the time to read on and on. They also include hashtags and links which help garner trending and social media tagging. Press Releases are either put on a PR WIRE,  my PRESS RELEASE BLOG or both, then the link is used for social media Pitches.
  • Pitches~  These to are combined in with Social Media as TWITTER trends and Hashtags are covered by major news outlets and have become a solid part of journalism. Editors and bloggers HIGHLY rely on Social Media Pitching for their content, from POSTS  to REVIEWS and for those that do FEATURES. It’s all about the STRATEGIC  post/tweet making sure it goes to the right people at the right time. Individual emails are still sent out for pitches as well but not as often/
  • SOCIAL MEDIA~ The Tie In….When it comes to running trending and hashtags it boils down to the right phrase, the right key words, to  the right people at the right time, AKA  the most BANG for the Tweet.  I have become a  SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERT, integrating PR in with Social Media, knowing how to work other # trends and KEY wordings to get the most effective buzz going possible. I SUCCESSFULLY created Hashtag/Social Media Trends:  #TOPOFTHEPOPS  #TOTP  #IWantMyMusicVideo #WhatsOnWith  #GTK . All of which have been taken on by others for usage.  MAKE SURE and follow on SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS to see where things are trending, being posted and retweeted, etc as it happens FAST.
  • JUST SOME OF WHAT’S ENTAILED~  Press Releases, Pitches, EPK,  on the WIRE, Pitches for blogs/magazines, podcasts, radio, Daily Papers from top tweeters, Hashtag trending. 
  • *I pitch to over 600 and counting blogs, magazines, ezines, podcasts
  • Of Note  I do use British English and Grammar as well to catch phrases, slang and the like i posts, etc.   Being Brit raised and Brit PR trained I have found over the years it gives me an edge over others in my field.


  • The publicist’s bill reflects time spent planning strategies and creating special promotion ideas, getting to know you and your product through interviews and research, writing press kit copy, coordinating printed materials, designing individualized media lists, etc
  • Evaluating results can be tricky.  MAKE SURE and follow on SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS to see where things are trending, being posted and retweeted, etc as it happens FAST. After the first month, however, you can at least evaluate your relationship. Personality conflicts that make it difficult to work together can doom a project. Allow at least 2 to 4 weeks for bigger results; most posts are planned that far in advance. It may take a few months to generate coverage*. Be patient. Planting an idea and watching it grow into a story is part of the process. *There are a few exceptions to this rule some editors/bloggers I know get posts up within 2-3 weeks, Retweets and Favourites are BIG  and help spread the word quickly akin to the old “whispering campaigns”.  Most Radio/blog radio chat shows are 3 weeks out in booking guest. TV 1-2 months out
  • A good publicist wants results as much as you do, but an ethical publicist also knows that he/she cannot ever guarantee a story placement. Be suspicious of those who make promises or charge per placement. A good publicist provides accurate, interesting information on time and has a sense of what we call “good schmooze.” Knowing when to call and not call writers and reporters, knowing their needs, deadlines and interests, and taking the time to be informed about the appropriate publications and people make the difference between adequate and excellent public relations



Others in my field charge a lot more than I do, most publicist 10+ years charge aprox $5000 a month,  20+  years can charge up to $8000 a month, with Less years experience range from $800-$1500-$2000 a month . Publicist sometimes charge by the hour and that can bee from $200-$800 PER hour, this is something I NEVER do. There are also some pay per placement services out there but NO publicist worth their salt will do this and it is something I do not do. FOR AN EXACT QUOTE  please email amgcpv@gmail.com   or ring up 614.288.1660



Killing it on ReverbNation with top spots, to charting on numerous DJ charts; including rising from Number 50 spot up to Number 40 on the prestigious STARFLEET MUSIC RECORD POOL DANCE CHART to hitting 2 spots #4LatinDance #18Crossover in the June issue of DJ TIMES MAGAZINE  its BREAKOUT  EDM ARTIST DELILAH ~LATINA PRINCESS!Tic or paste the link for the latest chart


Not only the hot new Latin Dance sound but now Delilah has added actress to her expertise appearing in 2 music videos as special guest and 5 independent films.

Midsummer soon to be filming the accompanying music video to PARTY TIL WE DROP down in Miami Beach, she is also back in the studio working on her next single BONDAGE, which is slated to come out late summer.  PARTY TIL WE DROP continues to gain not just in the USA but on radio stations and clubs in the UK, Ireland, Paris just to name a few. Fastly becoming a favourite of DJS, crossing the Latin, Pop and EDM and Dance Charts.

Make sure and follow her TWITTER for updates


She loves her gay fans and is very supportive of the GLBT community and marriage equality.

You can hear PARTY TIL WE DROP  (promo only) via the link just tic or copy/paste. For editorial and station dj request please send to contact information below:  https://soundcloud.com/pr-whiz/party-til-we-drop-st-mix-rc-jan-24

A bit about DELILAH~LATINA PRINCESS:   Born in Miami Beach to Peruvian and Finish Parents and now living in Chicago IL,  she captivates her audiences with the fusion of different cultures and genres in a avate garde experience. DELILAH~LATINA PRINCESS music is a mash up of EDM, LATIN, DANCE  and TECHNO.  Best put in her own words:  “My father was a musician and song writer, but passed away when I was 9. My mother remarried to a Puerto Rican man I would say that is where I got my influences from. Every weekend , we would be dancing at some club to ole School Mexican, or salsa, or Meringue, shoving delicious Puerto Rican food in our mouths that his mom used to make for us in Humboldt Park. Almost every day, I would listen to Chilean woman sing,” Ay carino mio” its the only song I remember, but I know I would love the whole album. My cousin through marriage was Bobby Rosa. Who later became one of the singers in the band “Menudo”. Later my step father would become their manager. I love writing songs. That talent I appreciate from my father”  For further bio information on DELILAH  please send an enquiry

DELILAH ~Latina Princess is one to watch!  Thanks for your time!​



Childrens book author of SEAPER POWERS   KIM CAMERON  would love to come to for a FREE reading of her books along with a puppet show

Cameron has written three children’s books as part of the Seaper Powers series. The books are available in hard copy, eBook, and Audio book (including original scoring). Cameron continues to travel across the country as part of the series’ national book tour/puppet show.[13]

Seaper Powers book series:

  • In Search of Bleu Jay’s Treasure
  • The Mystery of the Blue Pearls
  • The Rescue
  • ‘The Riddle’

All the details on on the PDF  link  Seaper Powers Book Tour Information


Bringing the masses a GASTRO Experience on wheels.

Enforcing the idea that you do not need a brick and mortar to be a real restaurant

reaching out to a lot of people who are still hesitant about food trucks

A comb of Social Media Campaign with strategic posts to the right people at the right time, the most bang for the tweet

along with traditional PR campaign that includes press releases, pitches to media for interviews and features

**Part of the Creative Concepts Experience of Al Geiner PR, with over 24 years experience in the PR business

6 month Campaign ~low cost


For your PRIDE celebrations take a look at BILLBOARD TOP 20 ARTIST, Grammy VOTING MEMBERS,    KIM CAMERON & THE SIDE FX BAND; The band have charted multiple times on Billboard: from ‘Now You’re Mine” with weeks in the top 50 Dance from number 18 to number 26; other songs along with Now you’re mine including DRIVE have been on BILLBOARD numerous times and charted RIGHT alongside of GAGA, CHER & Arianna Grande 

Kim is extremely supportive of the GLBT community and loves her gay fans.

Their Hit song  “DRIVE” is getting a tonne of play with DJ’s in the clubs, she’s top one spot on several charts including STARFLEET MUSIC RECORD POOL’s chart  and  Radio stations in the US and UK are playing the track in regular rotation.

You can hear the song via   https://soundcloud.com/pr-whiz/01-drive-club-remix-kim-cameron (PROMO ONLY)

They are featured on MUSIC CHOICE and SPOTIFY

The videos they produce go VIRAL :  Play It Again  went up 5 Feb and has well over 79 thousand views; the video Blind Love went up 17 Feb and has over 73 thousand views and counting; brand new video Carnival of Baggage went live 27 Feb, the views are up to over 60 thousand all ready.  Catch the videos here:

PLAY IT AGAIN. http://youtu.be/jvK2TytevTE?list=PLe2IrLRRDFMscmv_lMtE-5q5i3VdmBske

BLIND LOVE http://youtu.be/rUhF2-WutK4


Carnival of Baggage http://youtu.be/gqQyae5UfmA


On stage KIM CAMERON & SIDE FX  know how to command and energize a crowd During the 2015 Grammy awards weekend, Kim Cameron performs in front of a standing room only crowd at the world famous Baked Potato with legendary musicians Don Randi, Tom Brechtlein, H Chris Roy, Mike Miller and Peter Korpela!  You can catch the performance by ticking the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALitFaAoY8c

More information can be found via The Official Site  http://sidefxband.net/

You can check out the Billboard charting songs and club remixes via SOUNDCLOUD link, if you would like copies please let me know and I will send MP3’s https://soundcloud.com/side-fx-1

Her Wikipedia entry is via this link  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kim_Cameron_(musician)


Thanks for your time and considerations, Look forward to hearing back!



Al Geiner


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Children’s book Author S. Florida Stops!


Billboard Artist and children’s author Kim Cameron, will be heading to South Florida for her Seaper Powers book tour.  Riding high from last year’s recent charting singles on the Billboard Dance Club charts and her recent #1 hit this month from her new album ‘No Regrets,’ she is now focusing on her recent release of her book ‘The Riddle.’

‘The Riddle’ is the fourth in the series ‘Seaper Powers’ and takes place in Duck Key, Florida.  After the book was conceived, Hawks Cay Resort signed a large contract with Cameron in support of the entire series due to their active support in children development and activities.

Using custom designed hand puppets from the children’s series, Cameron travels to elementary schools performing and animated abridged version of the story.  There are 4 books so far in the series, but Cameron promises there will be more.

Seapers Powers was ranked on of the top children’s books for 013 and received 10 out of 10 stars from reviewers; ‘Bout Books, Good Read, Top of the Heap, and Everyday Life Book Review.

Seaper Powers is available in paper back, CD, mp3, coloring and soon plush toys and hardback.   Visitwww.seaperpowers.com for more information.

Current South Florida stops this week include:  Cypress Elementary and Bethune Elementary

Links:  http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=seaper%20powers&sprefix=seaper+p%2Caps

Further enquiries please contact AL GEINER PR  614.2881.1660

Florida 2



The artist that stays mysterious, in the shadows and behind the scenes so the focus is on his work and not himself.  Venfield 8 style is to push the boundaries of photography and art with his choice of subject and technique.  The male nude has always been celebrated in Art, from Ancient Greek and Roman times, to the Great masters DaVinci, Leonardo and others of the Renaissance, into modern times with the provoking’s of Robert Mapplethorpe; Venfield 8 takes artistic discipline of hailing the male nude to the next level, whereas others are afraid to broach certain aspects of masculinity, sex and the full frontal and exploring the aspects of homoeroticism Venfield 8 spearheads the charge.

A bit of VENFIELD 8’s background:  VENFIELD 8 is a pseudonymous artist based in Los Angeles. Starting off as a fashion photographer VENFIELD 8 worked with top models and publications and designers, and fashion weeks. Wanting to step outside of the field, He first garnered attention on Tumblr after posting pictures of a rising porn star photographed in a typically “fashion photography” genre. His work is considered provocative and both subversive and celebratory. Series such as Designer Dicks, Candy Ass and Luxury Violence combine erotic stereotypes with commentary on consumerism and fashion. Both Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs have collected his work. Utilizing nude men as frequent subjects, the work blurs the line of porn chic and soft core fashion. While never overtly pornographic, it hews to the new homo art scene aesthetic of the 21st Century. Posters of his Essence Masculine Ads were taken off of city streets in New York and Los Angeles and traded on Ebay. His first book Bear Hill, a limited edition homage to Bruce Weber is highly collectable. Photography is his primary medium, with films a close second. Moonr8kr, his ongoing series of films can be seen on Vimeo. Sculpture and paintings are promised. His first exhibition was at fringe gallery Antebellum in L.A. Art in America writer C. Hutchins called his work “ impossible to ignore”  For further bio info check out his WIKIPEDIA PAGE http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venfield_8  Also bio enquiries can be directed to this PR office

New to social media sites of Facebook and Twitter make sure to “Like” and Follow Venfield 8 for the latest updates and exclusive offers.  Look for www.facebook.com/pages/Venfield-8/ and @Venfield on Twitter   Check out Venfield 8’s sites:  www.instagram.com/venfield8 www.venfield8.tumblr.com and www.venfield8.com  All enquires, interviews and press request can be sent to Al Geiner PR 614.288.1660, amgcpv@gmail.com and @I_PR_THINGS