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Be a FRIEND today stand-up against BULLYING

With the national crisis of GLBT youth bullying and the rise of GLBT youth suicides Actor/Producer Ronnie Kroell have teamed up with producer Elliot London for FRIEND FILM. A story about two High School seniors living in the bible belt state of Tennessee dealing with Sexuality and Gender Identity; a quest of love, friendship and the true definition of family. This anti bullying project will continue to help bring to the forefront the plight GLBT youth experience daily; many celebrities are jumping on board to this worthy cause, the most recent are Alec Mapa and Tony Award winning Broadway Producer Carl Mollenberg.

Some of the cold hard facts:  American schools harbour approximately 2.1 million bullies and 2.7 million of their victims; It is estimated that 160,000 children miss school every day due to fear of attack or intimidation by other students. Sadly EVERY 2 HOURS AND 11 MINUTES a person under the age of 25 completes suicide due to feelings of isolation, bullying from so called friends, “christian” churches, and their own family members. This film project aims to help end GLBT YOUTH Bullying on all levels. Inspiration for the characters come directly from real people   Josephs story and how Adam Lambert helped save him from daily dire situations And Ali’s  very personal struggle  and how ELLEN helped her survive High School

Both Ronnie Kroell and Elliot London  have created a video to introduce what they have on, tick the link to watch   h  More detailed information and fundraising efforts can be found here

Follow on Twitter for updates and other related videos @FRIENDfilm also follow Ronnie @RonnieKroell and Elliot London @elliotLondon  Film and press enquiries, along with interview request can be directed to AL 



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One response to “Be a FRIEND today stand-up against BULLYING

  1. We must all stand hand in hand to create awareness & understanding; Any way that one person may prevent harm to another is the beginning of change.

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