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Lead singer of Auradrone Jon Marie Mack..stunning,

Star of such great flicks as the new Spiders 3D, Straight A’s and Playing For Keeps with Gerard Butler & Jessica Biel its actress/model and lead singer of hot LA based synth-alt rock band Auradrone Jon Marie Mack. With tonnes on under her belt at the moment from red carpet events, gearing up for a new tour, she recently took part in a vivacious air brush video shoot with master of the air brush himself, Michael Rosner, check out the stunning video featuring AURADRONE hit song RICOCHET!

Also of particular note Jon will also be featured as the evil Dr. Del in the upcoming sci-fi thriller, The PANDORA EXPERIMENT. See her latest press here:


The band AURADRONE is Best described as an alternative/post-modern rock band inspired by groups as diverse as Berlin, Nine Inch Nails, Massive Attack, Underworld, Curve and Blondie. The name, combining “aura,” in the sense of the human energy field, and “drone,” referencing a continuous tone, reflects the group’s interest in exploring the idea of sympathetic resonance. The link to the bands site is here  the new song and video SHADOW have been compared to Madonna’s Frozen   The same song has been remixed by top London dj Steven Geller and is garning lots of attention  the link to the remix is here; the song has also become a favourite of DJ’s around the globe thanks to STARFLEET RECORD POOL. 

Further enquiries can be directed to AL GEINER PR via the contact info below

6143132414 amgcpv@gmail.comImage



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