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Vibrate This!! New In-depth Chat from actress/comedian Natalie Gray

A new birth in the realm of conscious media is the brand new series from top actress and comedian Natalie Gray, appropriately called, VIBRATE THIS­­­. The series was inspired by an extraordinary paranormal experience that Natalie had in 2012 that plunged her into research and ultimately propelled her to independently produce the series herself.

“Something happened to me so out of the realm of our ordinary reality… As I researched what happened to me, and why, I realized that this startling information needed to be shared.”

Coming from a lifelong background in art, entertainment, stand-up comedy and even shoe design (Natalie was the first ever shoe designer for Playboy!) Vibrate This is a vast departure and clearly illustrates the impact of her experience.
“It’s like I was a different person the day after my experience. I had been flooded with insights into the meaning of life, time, our reality…given a precious glimpse through the keyhole of how the Universe really works.”
Natalie is not the first to feel compelled to create content that offers an alternate path to entertainment. Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carrey, Tom Shadyac and other top celebrities have all had awakenings that led them to share what they believe to be inspirational and positive content, coining the term ‘conscious media’.

In Vibrate This, Natalie will explore diverse realms ranging from Near Death Experience (NDE) to UFO’s, speaking with experts  and a few celebrities along the way. Much like Alice, Natalie travels down the rabbit hole in exploration of not only what happened to her, but how it affects the very lives we’re leading now.

VIBRATE THIS will invigorate the spirit and open your mind as souls are bared, the nature of our reality is explored and the truth is given a voice.

Check out the sneak preview of the series at   Just recently picked up and added on IMDB

Further info on Natalie Gray can be found at her website Follow her on Twitter for SPOT ON observations  All other enquiries and press requests about Natalie Gray or Vibrate This can be sent to AL GEINER PR 1-614-288-1660



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