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Not even 30 yet Kyle Pinsonneault has done more than most his age,

Not even 30 yet Kyle Pinsonneault has done more than most his age, from having  walked run ways for Custo Barcelona, Pamela Anderson, Richie Rich amongst others; additionally Kyle fronted  campaigns for and still is the face of Italian Designers Daniel Dolce and GioFranco Ruffin. He was also full time model for many different modelling agencies around the world from:  Colby models, Parts models, Major Model (Milan) along with other top agencies. Kyle was NAIA Swimming National champion, qualified for World Championship trials, Pan Pacific Trials, Commonwealth Trials and he made Canada’s east VS west dual meet 2009. Right now Kyle is a the head coach of the Chatham Y Pool Sharks which I coach every morning at 430am kids aged 5-23 years of age. And now are some of Canada FASTEST swimmers! I currently coach Canada’s fastest 12/under swimmer to date

Now this former runway and print model is heading up one of the most successful head hunter firms in North America  he started out of his house investing just $20 and now just little over a year later is exceeding $1 MILLION with multiple offices and over 80 employees. CES (Canadian Executive Search) provides to Fortune 500 and 1000 Companies all over North America and into Europe.

What Kyle has done before the age of 30 puts him on the list of those successful under 30~!

People LOVE to know what former models have done and Kyle’s success of launching what became a million dollar company in just a year is story worthy.



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