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New Quiz Chat show Test Your Medical Knowledge.. is what you know the truth or a Bobbemyseh aka Old Wives Tale?


It’s a game show.. it’s a chat show.. it’s THAT MEDICAL QUIZ  SHOW, the chat/game show that  tests your medical knowledge,  the shows presenters Dr. T. Glenn Piat and Lisa Cornwell  put the average non-medical person to  the test to see how much they really know about medically related topics and preventative healthcare issues.  That Medical Quiz Show is not only Entertaining but Informative and Unique, there is none other chat out like this!

How it works..  Three contestants join the shows presenters the first featured round begins, which differs every broadcast. There are a total of four rounds and all contestants have the chance to answer one question per round worth one point each and then a bonus round worth two points follows.m Whoever accumulates the most points after the final and fast-paced bonus round, “Cardiac Capper,” receives a gag prize. The playful gag prizes have ranged from alligator wrestling lessons to items like Dr. Pait’s special pocket protector. Lisa then asks for a question for Dr. Pait to pull out of his “That! Medical Quiz Bag.” He concludes each show with the catchphrase: “Until next time, remember that more medical knowledge means better health…because there’s a little bit of doctor in all of us

The quirky, entertaining, medically related quiz-chat radio programme is hosted by Neurosurgeon, Dr. T Glenn Pait, MD and Lisa Cornwell.  Dr Pait MD is : Director / University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences / Jackson T. Stephens Spine & Neurosciences Institute, Director / UAMS Centre for the Athletic and Aging Spine, Professor / UAMS Dept. of Neurosurgery and Orthopaedic Surgery. While attending medical school at George Washington Dr Pait hosted the West Virginia Public Television show  “Doctors on Call” additionally did a business medical market news segment that aired in DC, you can currently catch him on the long running segment “Here’s to Your Health” and doing news segments on a Gannett affiliate morning news program. Along with Co-Presenter   Lisa Cornwell , sports enthusiast, SEC commentator and the voice of Golf. Together they make the show come to life with humour and levity challenging weekly contestants on Medical Topics.

The show is currently being are on various NPR stations along with the AFN (Armed Forces Network) soon to be expanding more on a national level, a TV game show version are in the works.  You can listen on line via the website   and more info can be found on!_Medical_Quiz_Show

Further enquiries can be directed to publicist via AL GEINER PR  614.288.1660 and



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