Changing how we look at getting FIT!

Changing how we look at getting FIT!  He’s simplifying the approach to living healthy, getting fit and staying fit with No Nonsense Fit Tips! The man behind it… that’s Chicago based personal trainer Steven Seidel’s way to healthy living, to getting fit and staying fit. Say goodbye to military workout regiments, that boring repetitive workout and to personal trainers yelling at you about that donut. Steven Seidel’s Spot On FIT TIPS make sense, most can be found on his Twitter page @stevencseidel but here is just a small sample of how he simplifies fitness:

#Fit Tip of the Day: If you’ve been good all week… don’t let the weekend totally derail your hard work!  

#Fit Tip of the Day: SIT less…MOVE more!

#Fit Tip of the Day: Make your own REAL Vitamin Water… add cucumber, mint, lemon, limes, cinnamon… to your water. (maybe not all at..) 

#Fit Tip of the Day: Fitness, like life, is a journey… not a destination.

#Fit Tip of the Day: Stop waiting for “time to work out” MAKE TIME! Turn off the TV… It’s making you unhappy anyway! Go Shake Your THANG!


His new blog is now up also   you can check it here


Being healthy and feeling better is something that is on everyone’s mind, but few do anything about, the way Steven broaches the undertaking takes of the edge that most feel about getting fit.




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