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Comedy its all happening on a Double Decker Bus~!

Nicol Paone, Comedian, LA Native, actress on THE BIG GAY SKETCH SHOW and several Judd Apatow films brings her new one woman comedy show to the streets of Los Angeles on a big red double decker bus.  
Best best described as: A live double decker comedy tour of all the mistakes she’s made in the city of angels: The show is her love letter to Los Angeles.  It's a kiss goodbye to the life of fear she’s been living.  No more living in an adult onesie  for three months, no more watching conspiracy videos while planning to build an Anne Frank room, no more shaving her vagina at an A-Listers house with his razor because she’s scared to join life. No more fear. No more dating ass clowns either. And if you’ve dated her be forewarned, the bus might just be pulling up to your doorstep.  Don’t you wish you were a little nicer?   
Let's consider this her one-woman celebration tour of fear and horrible relationships in LA. Let's consider this her quinceanera.
It’s the ultimate drive-by, by the comedic Taylor Swift. 
It’s the comedy show that’s taking the streets of Los Angeles and her exes homes by storm.
Written & Performed by Nicol Paone. Directed by Patrick Bristow. Produced by Beth Wheatley.
For tickets and information:
Any further enquiries please contact the producer Beth Wheatley or Al Geiner PR


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