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the “basics” of what all is entailed in the WONDERFUL GASTRONOMY CAMPAIGN

Its all about exposing the masses to your flavours, to your fare, from food to drink. Anything that tantalises the tongue is wonderfulgastronomy!
When it comes to cost the campaign makes financial sense, the price of print adverts are high, local print runs from $500 to $1500 for a ONE TIME placement and depending on size and if you want colour or black and white the price goes up. Factor in people do not pick up and take home the local rags like they used to. If you want television there is a local “fluff” advert show but that will still run you several hundred to be on, radio  is pricey too. With the WGC the cost is a fraction of what you would spend on print or radio adverts. Since this is a collective advert awareness campaign cost is kept down, you are amongst other fare. when one looks at our post, adverts, etc they think “hmm I will try this today.. and this weekend I shall try this..Oh gotta have this one NOW”   
Thusly Whits Frozen Custard, Buckeye Donuts and Go Matcha are in the campaign, with more ready to come on. Owner Jimmy Barouxis of Buckeye Donuts had this to say “It’s a really good idea..a new approach to exposure”
Having been in PR for 21 years I have run campaign for food, beverage and restaurants, WGC is akin to the old skool “Whispering Campaigns”but brought up to the 21st century
As mentioned the basics of the campaign are right below, there is a lot more to come, its hard to say a then b then c will happen as I am a rather creative person, but will give you an overall idea.  For exact pricing and if you need further details I can be reached via 614.288.1660  or 


Exposing people to new flavours that will tantalise the tongue from food to drink!

Showing the masses  what Artisan really is!  The made by hand, the imperfections, not machine cookie cutter

Bringing new (and repeat) customers to enjoy your fare, having current loyal customers look at you in a new light.   Locals that have never been to visitors and tourist will be exposed to your fare vision

Expelling the myth that gastronomy is just about food, its about the drink as well.

The campaign includes but not limited to: twitter campaign, the right tweet to the right person at the right time, the most bang for the tweet (its all about strategy); featured 3-5 different WGC adverts that will go out Electronically to the people that matter; pitches for spots on local Mid Morning TV chats, local radio Breakfast shows. Off to key foodies, food bloggers, foodie and gastronomy clubs Exposure to University students and organisations.  Visitor Centre blogs and twitters

Adverts are scathingly creative, some will in the retro-style 

Also includes: brief bio with links on the new WGC blog; pitch to Food Network and Cooking Chanel for spots, features in stories and competitions when applicable

APP is in predevelopment

There is a lot More to be included, these are just the basics

The campaign is a joint venture of cuisine and drink  establishments this enables cross promotions so patrons can be exposed to diverse savours. Visitors and tourist will be drawn to your fare;

Campaign length is 4 months, 6  campaign is also available and will get you on going exposure along with the formation of continuity that customers like to see.

Price of campaign is rather affordable and will get you more exposure than print and radio adverts, Local print adverts do not do much anymore, Local papers just don’t move like the used to

Columbus and surrounding areas in Ohio is the first market, rapidly moving into other markets



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