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The beats keep bangin out for Stromile!


The beats keep bangin out for Stromile!  Starting out from the West Coast and now poised to wash over the whole of the continental States and beyond!  His freestyle and battle techniques gave him that much need niche’ to be a “name” in the scene; teaming up with a plethora of talented DJ’s Stromile started doing shows from his home town of Bakersfield, to LA, Ventura, even branching into some of the top Hip Hop clubs in Vegas.  Besides recently accepting  an Independent Urban Music Appreciation Award for Best Male Rap Artist (Angel’s Clubhouse), Stromile has now gained Sponsorship of hat company Brim Of The World; he also got the chance to appear in  the filming of Who’s The Best EmCee (MindPowerProd),

He is the new crooner of the Hip Hop/Rap landscapem All you have to do is CHECK OUT his sick tunes via the link  For updates on appearances, what’s on and some pretty brilliant snaps  “Like” him on Facebook just look for Stromile, on Twitter @StromileU1Ent and Instagram its instastro
‘Watch Me Do my Thang’ is a joyride through a day in the life with me. From my days of growing up, to sleepless nights of trying to make something from nothing. ‘Watch Me Do My Thang’ delivers a balance between hard hitting bass drops, pure energy and witty lyricism. This is the type of track that can be played morning, noon and night, whether waking up and ironing, on the ride to or from work in traffic, pumping up a workout, clearing your mind or during the nightlife all the way to the morning again… It’s about proving something to the non believers as if to say… BITCH ‘Watch Me Do My Thang’! HA…-STROMILE 

Now on with Unforgettable1Ent/LRT/INgroovesFontana/Universal (Distribution) Stromile being the next Hip Hop name that you’ll know is inevitable. Further enquiries and requests for media can be direct to

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