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LRT PR has Inked a deal with one of the largest Music Pools and one of the top record/music/digital pools by DJs and a record/music/digital pool for DJs around the world. Our members include some of the hottest club, mixshow, Billboard, mobile, radio & mixtape DJs, plus professional remixer/producers throughout the USA, Canada & around the WORLD. Digital Music/Record Pools and MP3 Pools.  This company has grown to just over 150,026 DJs around the globe by the end of 2013. We just hit the 157,000 Registered DJs mark, as they continue to grow around the globe. Our Music/Record Pool strives to get all that’s available from records labels & artist around the world that service Record/Music/Digital/MP3/Video pools. As DJs, we know in the clubs, college parties, sports venues, radio & mixshows it’s all about having that fresh, new and limited edition music FIRST! Artist, producers, record labels, media companies we’re here to help expose your music, artist, products & companies around the globe. Let’s break some records in 2014.



VIP Featured Artist Special – consist of your artist’s picture or CD cover, which will be setup on the VIP Featured Artist area on the front page of our website. Clicking on that picture takes you to the main page setup for your artist’s bios, pictures, links to whatever sites & or social networking sites that are associated with the artist, contact info for artist & or label. There will be a music player setup to play a snippet or full version of your latest release or even the video, plus we will also setup a poll & or a comment section for visitors & our DJs to vote or comment whether they like the song or not, too. This will run on our website for 8 weeks on that VIP Featured Artist section. This setup/page will turn into a VIP Music Review on the site, with all the same content running in the Music Review section for from then on.  As part of this special, we can load the song up for our 150,000+ registered DJs around the globe to have access to, to help maximize the exposure through the pool, which normally cost an additional $100 with any promo package, per song not mix. Then we’ll setup a link to this page on our bi-weekly newsletter, which goes out to over 200,000 music professionals & all of our DJs around the globe. We’ll be posting links to this VIP FA setup on all of our social networking systems like, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Tumblr & Myspace all for only $600 through LRT. That’s normally over $1000 worth of advertisement & promotions


What we will need from you:


Artist Name

Artist Label

Cover art

Links to website, Facebook and twitter


We have submitted J.O Jetson with his new hit single “Whirlwind”  we will send out links when this has been put out so you can see how it works!



If your budgets are tight, then we can setup a Featured Music Review for you with a poll so that people can vote whether they like your song or not for $275. This will run on the front page for 2 weeks under the Featured Music Review section, which is under the VIP Featured Artist section, to the right. It will also be running under the Music Reviews section of our website, after the 2 weeks, from now on. We also can setup a Featured Artist for you with a poll so that people can vote whether they like your song or not for$325. This will run on the front page for 2 weeks on the Featured Artist section, which is to the right of the VIP Featured Artist section on the front page of our site. It will also be running under the Music Reviews section of our website, after the 2 weeks, from now on.  (You will be responsible for already having your song setup in some sort of a player system like Youtube, so that we can embed the player into the review, otherwise there will be an additional fee for setting that up with a custom built music player). These reviews are not meant to be Billboard quality reviews, rather something to help draw attention to special projects that we are working through the pool, for our DJs & the thousands of visitors on our website weekly. We will post a link to the music review page on any of your websites, blogs, social networking sites & or e-mail blast..

As part of our promotional system, we are the exclusive music provider for several radio groups with just over 900 internet & terrestrial radio stations around the globe, which includes syndicated mixshows like Al Walser’s Weekly Top 20 Dance Show, reaching listeners in over 50 countries. We do not guarantee radio spins, but we do advise stations on up & coming new hits.


For more information please contact LRT PR Audra Cheek at


Lisa Thomas


LRT Music Group, LLC





Tenacious & Persistent Publicist

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