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Aussie Pop Star Bullied for wearing slacks!



On a night when powerful women in the arts were celebrated, including Australia’s Cate Blanchett, another Aussie was finding herself experiencing unexpected distasteful comments. Whilst at an A-list after party at the W Hotel in Hollywood Sunday night, Australian singer/songwriter Katja Glieson found herself being harassed by some of the guests because she chose not to look like a Barbie doll.

“Weren’t you that girl in a beautiful dress? Oh no that’s not you, you must be a lesbian,” one of the male guests commented to her whilst she was enjoying the scenery with a friend, Aussie actress Emily O’Meara. “She put on a brave face, but I could tell it made her second guess herself,” O’Meara said.

It’s not a topic that is completely foreign to the singer, as she has been bullied and abused by men in and out of the industry. For Glieson, the idea that a woman ‘must be a lesbian’ because she chose to not wear a dress is abhorrent. After an evening of expected luxury in hopes to network herself, she found familiar experiences and the question remained “Why does society expect you to be someone you’re not?”

“I don’t believe in any labels. Love is love regardless of whom you fall in love with man or woman. Gender should not place judgment on an individual’s life” stated by Glieson. “The idea that not wearing a dress makes me any less feminine than any other woman in the room is absurd. To put an ignorant label that I’m a lesbian and using it in a derogatory way makes me feel very sad that even in one of the most open and accepting cities these labels are still being used to try to bring people down. I chose my attire based on who I am and what the current trends are in fashion. I don’t feel like I have to wear a fancy or gaudy dress to look sexy or attractive.”

Glieson’s popularity has grown exponentially in the LGBT community as she has a number of songs about feeling comfortable in your own skin, finding your inner strength and has an engaging and fun personality on stage. She is slated to perform at a number of PRIDE events in 2014 including a performance at Here Lounge on April 6th.

“I love the whole community,” she said, with a cheeky smile on her face. “Everyone is so lovely and nobody ever judges anyone. For me that’s really refreshing and so important in this world, especially with so much hate and ridicule that’s out there.”

Glieson also spoke about her most recent project, a new single ’Shooting Star’ with an accompanying video, being Episode 6 in an award winning series of music videos that she self produces.

“My new song ’Shooting Star’ is all about these issues as well as letting go of fear and being who you really are. In the video, we have a young boy who is being bullied, but then is able to remember he is his own ‘Shooting Star’ where he breaks out of the violence and hate”, Glieson said about her upcoming video. “There’s also a girl in the video who overcomes self-hatred and an eating disorder along with a woman that overcomes domestic abuse. Then they all escape and come join The Resistance with me at the end! It’s a lot of fun, we all get to do a fun dance with everyone involved!”.

Glieson has a documentary entitled “We Are Human” that talks about the bullying in her past and how it relates to her music and video series, which can be seen by visiting

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