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Ideal for one off’s  like singles, remixes, dj remixes, albums VS  Full Service PR that is continual which covers whole careers, multiple projects, etc.  We will discuss which option is BEST for you and YOUR needs

Week 1~  We use this time to do behind the scenes market research and formulate a strategy Amongst the many things we look at we deleve into your target demographic, genre, crossovers and everything inbetween. We will also send your release to the oldest and largest record pool in the world Starfleet Music (if applicable)


Week 2~  Using our many years of experience we create a well thoughtout press release. We also start to work on strategic post for social media like Twitter, Instagram **Our PRESS RELEASES are UNCONVETIONAL and GRAB attetion!


Week 3~  We distribute your press release  to the music news PR wire Mi2N, over 700 combined blogs, podcasts, edtiors. We do this via emails, posts, etc


All through during Week 2-6 we focus on Social Media to keep the Hashtag trends and KEY @’s going


Week 4~After distributing your press release we follow up with EVERY editor, poster, blogger to make sure your message gets out there.


Week 5~  We present reports every fortnight (2wks) which highlights the progress of the campaign. If we feel we need to take a new approach at this time we do.


Week 6~ On the run up to the release dare we send the press release out to another cycle to ensure we are getting every possilbe avenue and opportunity


Week 7~After the release we follow up with press and social media to keep the momentum going


After week 7 if you would like to keep us going agressively we can talk about the options available



Tenacious & Persistent Publicist

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