In a Nutshell…..

Traditional media to blogs to key social media influencers

We love working with new artists and helping them find an audience and are proud of our ongoing relationships with them. Also established and artist that are coming back into the scene…. along with DJ’s!     We help our clients navigate a complex marketing landscape. We create compelling strategic narratives, develop attention-grabbing content, and amplify through PR, social, and digital channels.

We specialise In online and print with access to 1000’s of leading music, entertainment and pop culture blogs and podcasts In the UK, Europe, USA, South Africa and Australia/New Zealand

  • * With over 25 years experience we can provide specialist advice and guidance
  • * We continually research, targeting specific sites by taste/choice who are the right fit for you.
  • * We understand social media AND we    make them more effective, increasing awareness and engage
  • * We create & write a professional social media press release & put together a digital EPK for named campaign.
  • * Target and chase specific music reviewers.
  • * Prepare media releases. Distribute your track and media releases to our global database of up to 1000+ global   sites, blogs, press and tastemakers through a targeted approach.
  • * Pitch for news pieces, interviews – Q&A’s, competitions & giveaways.
  • When applicable we send your music to STARFLEET MUSIC RECORD POOL

Pretty Much the Process the FIRST few weeks are as followed..PR  is not instant  and there is a process.

  Week 1~  We use this time to do behind the scenes market research and formulate a strategy Amongst the many things we look at we deleve into your target demographic, genre, crossovers and everything inbetween
Week 2~  Using our many years of experience we create a well thoughtout press release. We also start to work on strategic post for social media like Twitter, Instagram
Week 3~  We distribute your press release  to the music news PR wire Mi2N, over 700 combined blogs, podcasts, editors. We do this via emails, posts, etc

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