What We Do….

Unconventional Publicist…WHY go Cookie Cutter with PR?


It’s  PR …it’s Social Media… It’s SOCIAL PR~

We deliver innovative and creative campaigns to influential platforms using media contacts and understanding to drive results across print, broadcast, social and digital media. We are experts in ensuring the effective communication of key brand messages to targeted audiences across today’s complex media landscape.

Content Creation…

We create captivating stories and make them instantly sharable. Working seamlessly across new and traditional media we identify authentic hooks and craft contagious content which is fed out organically to amplify personalities and brands.

Mastering the delicate balance of powerful storytelling, relationship building, reputation management and more to create an impressive media relations strategy across multiple channels. Strategically analyzing media trends to generate more EXPOSURE


We create engaging content for your social media sites to drive interaction organically; that work in harmony with our traditional PR techniques. 


We create, deliver and secure branded content across a number of online publications using our extensive network of industry diverse bloggers. We work with an extensive directory of social influencers across a range of industries to amplify your brand across the all important social platforms. We also manage social influencers to ensure lucrative brand partnerships.

Social Media Campaigns... focusing entirely on the social media aspects. Twitter, Instagram, etc.  Creating #’s  Creating Trends, getting in the trends. With a few PR blog blurbs posted.  This is a very specific campaign designed only for businesses, select products or one off concerts ONLY

PR is about getting the word out, about creating a buzz,  getting your IMAGE out there and MAINTAINING it through all avenues that are available. Using the tried and true PR skills that I have acquired over the past 25 years; along with incorporating the latest PR TRENDS that are currently happening, and staying ahead of the TRENDS by making them!


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