Helping those on a tighter budget

Everybody needs Publicity .. musician, comedian, model, fashion designer, beauty product, actor to TV presenter.  From restaurateur, chef, food truck, bakery,  CHECK OUT  the section on WHAT WE DO  & WHAT ELSE  WE DO..   For PR ,  SOCIAL MEDIA  SOCIAL PR  we have you covered

Most people don’t think they can afford PR  or a PR Campaign  or for businesses a SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN.  THAT’S WERE WE COME IN  & ARE DIFFERENT, since the start we have been affordable, whilst other PR and social medias charge $600  to $1500 a month (800 Pound Sterling and UP)

WE  are affordable for a quote please send an enquiry 



More of What WE DO~!

Of course we do MUSIC of all types, along with actors but since the very start we have been very diverse running PR for clubs, product launches, restaurants, tv shows and movies and of course fashion shows.  Here is a short list and descriptions of what else we handle. 


Fashion PR

  • We influence opinions,consumer behaviour and utilise our longstanding relationships with key Fashion Industry contacts to ensure our approach is informed, packs a punch and is regularly talked about.
  • We use our expertiseto deliver creative and focused strategies to elevate leading fashion brands and drive maximum exposure through our longstanding relationships.



Retail PR  from brick n mortar to online


  • Whether you are looking to get the footfall flowing or tills ringing, we understand retail PR and how to build brand identity.
  • You will benefit from our creative team’s extensive experience who will devise ways to raise awareness and increase shopper engagement for your brand, ultimately resulting in sales of your product.


Beauty PR

From launching new brands to reinvigorating established ones, we offer a fresh outlook and successful cut-through coupled with years of expertise.

  • We understand and speak the languageof the beauty journalist and beauty professional and can translate the complexities of the science behind beauty into digestible lifestyle messages for the consumer.
  • Our skilled team will deliver desirability for your brand and connect you with the right audience. Whether you want drive awareness in the skincare, hair, spa, salon, body or derma cosmetics area, we stay ahead of the latest market trends and industry news to consistently deliver quality campaigns and results.




Let us tell your story… health and fitness, we have a narrative for you.

  • Our Lifestyle division will connect you emotionally with your audiences and get you talked about by the right people at the right time.
  • Our insights driven campaigns deliver the best possible positioning for your brand.
  • You will see the change you need as we influence opinion and consumer behaviour around your brand.



Creative Content


Engage audiences with original, exciting and sharable content and brand assets.


  • We offer a wide spectrum of creative services that will help to build and bring your brand story to life.
  • We have a proven track record of delivering impactful creative work that helps to successfully launch brands, build brands and reposition brands.
  • We work with some of the best photographers, stylists, artists and designers in the industry. Utilising our network we will pull together the best creative squad for your needs and build assets that will project the right brand image to the world.





From intimate media dinners through to international fashion shows, our team has the expertise to create unforgettably successful events.

  • Inspire yourguests with a truly engaging event. Our team will create, manage and organise an effective and inspiring event for your brand, with unprecedented attention to detail.
  • We have theexperience and international network of suppliers and consultants, to deliver the perfect event for your needs anywhere, anytime. Plus importantly, we deliver ROI.
  • If you arelooking for a team to deliver an impactful event with smooth delivery and great return on investment, we are the team for you.



Generalist PR skills such as writing, media relations, event management and strategic planning are still core competencies. But now that digital content is the new ‘me time’, every agency is piling in to fill the space. Specialist skills in multimedia content development, social and digital and analytics are now critical ingredients in the arsenal of progressive PR agencies

What We Do….

Unconventional Publicist…WHY go Cookie Cutter with PR?


It’s  PR …it’s Social Media… It’s SOCIAL PR~

We deliver innovative and creative campaigns to influential platforms using media contacts and understanding to drive results across print, broadcast, social and digital media. We are experts in ensuring the effective communication of key brand messages to targeted audiences across today’s complex media landscape.

Content Creation…

We create captivating stories and make them instantly sharable. Working seamlessly across new and traditional media we identify authentic hooks and craft contagious content which is fed out organically to amplify personalities and brands.

Mastering the delicate balance of powerful storytelling, relationship building, reputation management and more to create an impressive media relations strategy across multiple channels. Strategically analyzing media trends to generate more EXPOSURE


We create engaging content for your social media sites to drive interaction organically; that work in harmony with our traditional PR techniques. 


We create, deliver and secure branded content across a number of online publications using our extensive network of industry diverse bloggers. We work with an extensive directory of social influencers across a range of industries to amplify your brand across the all important social platforms. We also manage social influencers to ensure lucrative brand partnerships.

Social Media Campaigns... focusing entirely on the social media aspects. Twitter, Instagram, etc.  Creating #’s  Creating Trends, getting in the trends. With a few PR blog blurbs posted.  This is a very specific campaign designed only for businesses, select products or one off concerts ONLY

PR is about getting the word out, about creating a buzz,  getting your IMAGE out there and MAINTAINING it through all avenues that are available. Using the tried and true PR skills that I have acquired over the past 25 years; along with incorporating the latest PR TRENDS that are currently happening, and staying ahead of the TRENDS by making them!

The PR Blurb and other PR trends

Publicist who have been in the biz for at least 15 years have at least heard of a Whispering Campaign and those in the biz 20 plus years have more than likely used one at some point or another in their career.  For those newbies who aren’t familiar, the WHISPERING CAMPAIGN, was a PR tactic consisting of putting short “quotes” or story plants to the media from  newspaper gossip columnist to radio personalities. In addition if a particular celeb or pop star was going to be at a club or restaurant the old “hey look who’s  …. tactic was deployed and word quickly spread throughout the establishment.

The PR BLURB is now starting to take the place of the old Whispering Campaign along with the actual Press Release itself.  As the industry evolves and PRs have additionally become bloggers, social media whizzes and creative content influencers’ the way we get stories out, the way we get the buzz on continually evolves as well.  The press release as we know it is dead, I particularly have never been a fan of long wordy press releases and lean-to the short, sweet to the point approach, has finally in 2017 become the industry standard; PR Blurbs are just spot on, a few choice words about what’s on, what to bring attention to with the client, catchy creative content,  @’d,  a photo  or link perhaps with key #s that are trending, a #that you create and of course the #PRblurb

PR blogs  are a great way to get your story out with short descriptions and current buzz words, trends to draw in attention added in with links to websites and other social media spots, it’s more than just a blurb and more akin to the press release. With those PR blog links going directly to other influencers, podcasts, bloggers, editors to garner attention. Likes and Retweets being more important than features in an increasing trend where pay for placement in magazines and major blogs are the norm.  You still have to be creative in your tweet pitches with the right #’s and trends etc.  PRs have to constantly  look for editors, bloggers and influencers as it is constantly changing, new ones always coming about. Building relationships with them, as we did with editors we would ring up or fax, so they PAY ATTENTION to what WE send them.  They are bombarded with anywhere from 300-800 pitches per week not to mention the countless @’s and # trends they like and retweet, if PR’s don’t establish relationships with them it will slip right by them  PRs have the knack of wording something just right, knowing when to pitch them, when to tweet them, how to grab attention, it not something that just ANYONE can do.

Using #PRBlurb and #PRblog in post  along side of what Hashtags are trending, yes it is very important to pay attention to what’s trending if  you want, you’ll get the buzz about.

Not just limited to the PR blog or PR Blurbs for getting information out, along with creative content PR’s create hashtags that will help the buzz along but  the use of multiple photos set up in groups on your #PRBlog and tweet that link out with the right #’s   Tweet Storms work great too,   A #tweetstorm is a series of tweets that pick up where the last one left off and often look like a mini-essay if all complied together. Make sure and use the #TweetStorm .

These are all great ways of getting the word out and the buzz on for clients. PRs have to stay on and ahead of the Trends and in a lot of cases make the #trends too!



What U need is a really good Social Media Machine!


Managing social media can be hard and time consuming, sure you may have that core group of devoted followers but it is important to expand beyond that, and it can be a difficult thing to do.   Of course Social Media might be free, but it’s very time consuming and can be very frustrating to navigate. You have to follow and know the trends, which hashtags to use, whom to @ and when, the list just goes on and on….  Followers on social media  are important but moreover getting into the trends and even creating hashtags that will trend is more important than actual numbers.

Looping up together the best practises of traditional OLD SCHOOL PR  with Social Media has resulted in a well thought out, creative plugs and blurbs that are an  effective strategy. Known for being SCATHINGLY UNCONVENTIONAL for the past 24 years new ideas constantly pop into mind; it’s never a case of a.. then  b… then c  will happen NO matter what any other PR or Social Media strategist tells you.

From brainstorming sessions to idea implementation we’ve got it covered when it comes to delivering fresh and exciting social content across all your social platforms. Specifically created HASHTAG  added in with grouping to particular trends will get YOU  going VIRAL .This is really a TWIST on the old PR practise of a Whispering Campaign  that would get people talking about a particular person, place or event. Taking the best of the WC along with other PR ways, added in with Twitter and other Social Media Venues have resulted in being a SOCIAL MEDIA WHIZ!  Who has  SUCCESSFULLY created Hashtag/Social Media Trends:  #TOPOFTHEPOPS  #TOTP  #IWantMyMusicVideo  #WhatsOn  amongst others.

Working to fit ANY  budget out SOCIAL MEDIA MACHINE CAMPAIGN  crosses the spectrum from Restaurant to Food Truck, Shoppe  to Gallery from Hair Stylist to Barber. SMMC includes TWITTER and INSTAGRAM From brainstorming sessions to idea implementation we’ve got it covered when it comes to delivering fresh and exciting social content across all your social platforms.

Some of what’s entailed~ getting into the right trends to the right tweeters; creation of ongoing social media narrative; specifically created Hashtags to get to trending’s;  minimum of 6 tweets per week (will be more but this is the bare basics); driving traffic to your instagram; can do a FACEBOOK tie in also 

For a price quote and to discuss options  email or RING UP  161 4288 1660


In a Nutshell…..

Traditional media to blogs to key social media influencers

We love working with new artists and helping them find an audience and are proud of our ongoing relationships with them. Also established and artist that are coming back into the scene…. along with DJ’s!     We help our clients navigate a complex marketing landscape. We create compelling strategic narratives, develop attention-grabbing content, and amplify through PR, social, and digital channels.

We specialise In online and print with access to 1000’s of leading music, entertainment and pop culture blogs and podcasts In the UK, Europe, USA, South Africa and Australia/New Zealand

  • * With over 25 years experience we can provide specialist advice and guidance
  • * We continually research, targeting specific sites by taste/choice who are the right fit for you.
  • * We understand social media AND we    make them more effective, increasing awareness and engage
  • * We create & write a professional social media press release & put together a digital EPK for named campaign.
  • * Target and chase specific music reviewers.
  • * Prepare media releases. Distribute your track and media releases to our global database of up to 1000+ global   sites, blogs, press and tastemakers through a targeted approach.
  • * Pitch for news pieces, interviews – Q&A’s, competitions & giveaways.
  • When applicable we send your music to STARFLEET MUSIC RECORD POOL

Pretty Much the Process the FIRST few weeks are as followed..PR  is not instant  and there is a process.

  Week 1~  We use this time to do behind the scenes market research and formulate a strategy Amongst the many things we look at we deleve into your target demographic, genre, crossovers and everything inbetween
Week 2~  Using our many years of experience we create a well thoughtout press release. We also start to work on strategic post for social media like Twitter, Instagram
Week 3~  We distribute your press release  to the music news PR wire Mi2N, over 700 combined blogs, podcasts, editors. We do this via emails, posts, etc


Hiring a music PR company to promote a release is one of the best ways to raise the profile of your band (well, we would say that). But it can also involve a sizeable financial investment – and one which will obviously be felt most keenly by artists who are self-funding their projects.

As such, it’s important to make the most of any music PR campaign you commission, and in this post we’re going to give you some tips on how to do just that.


It sounds obvious, but before you even go anywhere near a music PR firm it’s important to ensure that the music you are going to them with sounds as good as it possibly can. The best music PR companies are actually inundated with enquiries from bands and have quite a choice when it comes to which clients to take on – to work with your chosen company, you’ll need to make sure that the material you present to your prospective music PR company is as sonically robust as possible.


Music PR firms won’t just base a decision about whether to work with you based on your music. They’ll need to see evidence that all the other aspects of your output – from your music website to band photos to the quality of gigs you’ve got lined up – are also strong. This may seem a little harsh (surely it’s all about the music, man?) but in fact it’s very important that a music PR company looks at ALL band assets closely…because journalists and bloggers sure as hell will. In short, if a music publicity company isn’t convinced by the quality of your band assets, then you can bet that newspapers and music review sites won’t be either.


If you’re in an metal band, it makes sense to look for a company with a track record in working on metal music PR campaigns. Don’t hire one that only does jazz. If a music PR company is interested in working with you, ask for examples of successful campaigns they’ve worked on in your band’s genre.


Some music PR companies will say yes to any project – because they care more about getting business through the door than promoting quality projects. If you get the feeling that this is the case with a company you’re talking to, ask some probing questions – why do they want to work with you? Which music publications do they see your music fitting into? What’s their track record in working with similar acts? Who’s on their roster at the moment? Are there too many bands on their roster for you realistically to get a look-in? Don’t be afraid to shop around – as when it comes to hiring a builder, get several quotes, evaluate them thoroughly and make the best decision based on the evidence. When you come across a music PR firm that’s incredibly enthusiastic about your music and wants to work with you, that’s great – but always let your head rather than your heart rule your decision on hiring them. Enthusiasm about a project is something you should definitely look for in a music PR company – it just has to be backed up with a sense that the enthusiasm is genuine and the company has a coherent plan to maximise publicity for your act.


As mentioned above the music press take band assets heavily into consideration when considering what to cover. So the more great stuff your music PR has to work with the better – an EPK, strong website, great band photos and music videos with strong production values will all make it easier for your music PR company to do the best possible job for you. (Having great hair also helps).


It’s easy as an artist to get so wrapped up in your own musical talent and creations that objectivity goes out the window – and a good music PR team can help put that objectivity back into the equation. Perhaps a particular track would work better as a first single than the one you’ve got your heart set on? Perhaps a different band photo would be the best shot to distribute to blogs? Maybe a different running order on the album might help? Your music PR will have worked (hopefully!) on hundreds of previous campaigns and as such should have a good knowledge of how journalists and bloggers will react to certain types of content – so be aware that despite you being sure your band is better than Bowie, Lou Reed and The Beatles combined their knowledge of the media might just trump yours. Be open to advice.


Without overdoing it, don’t be afraid to check in regularly with the person charged with working on your music PR campaign. The reality of the situation is that despite the best will in the world, when you hire a music PR team to work on a release, they’re inevitably going to be working on several other releases too and the band that shouts the loudest often gets the most attention…so make your presence regularly known and ensure that your project gets as much time as everybody else’s. Caveat: don’t be a pain in the bum about it, as that can make your music PR team find you annoying – and may affect the effort they put into your project. Strike a balance between checking in about the important stuff and giving your team the space and trust they need to do their job properly.


It may sound daft but as a band YOU need to promote your music PR company too, and the work they do for you. By that I mean ensuring that their contact details and website address are highly visible on any of your band assets – websites, promos, social media presences and so on. Same goes for any content produced or coverage attained by the music PR company on your behalf – you should ensure that the blog or news section on your site features your latest press release and any reviews, premieres or interviews secured by your music PR team (these should all be shared on social media / via e-newsletter too).

Social Media Engagement Specialist Machine (SMES)

Social Media Engagement Specialist (SMES)

Specialising  in Social Media Consulting. As we all know social media is growing and changing rapidly. Social Media might be free, but it’s very time consuming and can be very frustrating for those who are just getting started. You have to follow and know the trends, which hashtags to use, whom to @ and when, the list just goes on and on…. We work with business owners and managers to develop a successful social media and online marketing strategy to fit their specific needs and budget.

If you own or manage a business,: what have you done so far to take advantage of this trend? Does your business have a social media presence and an effective social media PR/marketing strategy, or are you missing out on this huge opportunity?

OUR SMES includes TWITTER and INSTAGRAM From brainstorming sessions to idea implementation we’ve got it covered when it comes to delivering fresh and exciting social content across all your social platforms.

So can we ask: what have you done so far to take advantage of this trend? Let AL GEINER PR/GLAM MEDIA  help you to develop and grow, contact us today and we can work with you, letting you focus on the things you need to.


An Effective Social Media Campaign takes a Minimum of 3 Months   

There are a FEW exceptions to the rule when it comes to promotion of movies, fashion etc etc  There will be SOME buzz going by using the right # and trends of course, but of course the longer time we have to do this the better.

For Price quote please send an enquiry.  Monthly charge or if paid in full at beginning there is a discount.


Ideal for one off’s  like singles, remixes, dj remixes, albums VS  Full Service PR that is continual which covers whole careers, multiple projects, etc.  We will discuss which option is BEST for you and YOUR needs

Week 1~  We use this time to do behind the scenes market research and formulate a strategy Amongst the many things we look at we deleve into your target demographic, genre, crossovers and everything inbetween. We will also send your release to the oldest and largest record pool in the world Starfleet Music (if applicable)


Week 2~  Using our many years of experience we create a well thoughtout press release. We also start to work on strategic post for social media like Twitter, Instagram **Our PRESS RELEASES are UNCONVETIONAL and GRAB attetion!


Week 3~  We distribute your press release  to the music news PR wire Mi2N, over 700 combined blogs, podcasts, edtiors. We do this via emails, posts, etc


All through during Week 2-6 we focus on Social Media to keep the Hashtag trends and KEY @’s going


Week 4~After distributing your press release we follow up with EVERY editor, poster, blogger to make sure your message gets out there.


Week 5~  We present reports every fortnight (2wks) which highlights the progress of the campaign. If we feel we need to take a new approach at this time we do.


Week 6~ On the run up to the release dare we send the press release out to another cycle to ensure we are getting every possilbe avenue and opportunity


Week 7~After the release we follow up with press and social media to keep the momentum going


After week 7 if you would like to keep us going agressively we can talk about the options available