Started out scouting for EMI ~UK for talent in 1990 thru 1992. In 1992 moved in to the PR field being trained and working with top UK publicist Shirley McLean PR; working on various projects  assisting on major projects in the UK, France, Canada and some in the USA. In 1994 she got me involved working with Tilly at Lynn Franks PR and Galeforce Mngt, assigned a few projects under supervision; during that time I also took on small local projects locally. All this was done while living in Toledo OH USA, before the age of the internet and mobile phones, back with the typewriter, fax, file, rolodex and a book of stamps…now days its just easier but just goes to prove location has never been any type of issue since the beginning in 1990. In mid 1995 I decided to go out on my own and started to gather up clients locally and some in the UK too.


I have worked with recording artist, photographers, djs, models, TV programmes, assisted on movies, comedians, ran PR for restaurants and shops. I like a challenge and doing a variety of things, cross promoting, crossing over clients whenever possible.  My style of PR is unlike any others out there as it was cultivated by some of the best in the business, I take a sui generis approach, unconventional yet successful.  I would rather reach out to 10 established contacts than pitching out to 100 I don’t know like other publicist do; every move, every post and tweet is strategic and planned out, all done for a purpose.  All my contacts and connections are well established and have worked over the years to get them.

I have over 700 and contacting media outlets I have contacts and connectiosn with.  Some of my many contacts include editor, publishers, tv and chat show producers, podcasts, film makers, distribution, music publishers,  the list goes on and one

In the past I have aligned with other  PR’s for limited partnerships and are currently looking to team up




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