“A wise man once said, “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.” Well, Jesus Christ, I should have taken that goddamn advice! It appears that some of my seemingly-above-board activities have been deemed underhanded by the United States Government. Who knew that hosting a personal sweat shop in your basement with immigrant “slave labour” (their term, not mine) is illegal? These gowns don’t make themselves, people! They call it “human trafficking;” I call it “being resourceful.”… Madame

Everybody LOVES  Madame!  That sassy, outspoken but loveable “old broad” is making a HUGE COMEBACK and  she is calling on all of her old friends, past co-stars, co-hosts, co-workers and especially her “frenimies” to help spread the word on the CROWDFUNDING Campaign via that will help bring back one of the most celebrated and beloved celebrities of all times.  Help spread the word via TWITTER, FACEBOOK,  VINE and INSTAGRAM, just #EverybodyLovesMadame and make sure to include the @Madamesplace. The Campaign can be found at just look for MADAME, you can also find it via

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Everybody LOVES Madame!

ExhibitionThat sassy, outspoken but loveable “old broad” is making a HUGE COMEBACK and she is calling on all of her old friends, past co-stars, co-hosts, co-workers and especially her “frenimies” to help spread the word on the CROWDFUNDING Campaign that will help bring back one of the most celebrated and beloved celebrities of all times. The Campaign OFFICALLY launches 1 September 2014, but we are reaching out now to fans and friends to gear up and help make this VIRAL via TWITTER, FACEBOOK, VINE & INSTAGRAM on 1 September. Madame is also in the process of booking LIMITED radio and TV (traditional and new media) chat shows along with her manager Marlena Shell (formerly Wayland Flowers manager and owner of the rights to Madame).  When tweeting, etc we’d love the usage of #EverybodyLovesMadame
A bit about Madame (in case you didn’t know) Madame was created by the legendary Wayland Flowers in the mid-1960s. Flowers’s first big break was an appearance on the The Andy Williams Show. The character of Madame is an “outrageous old broad” who entertains with double entendres and witty comebacks. Bedecked in fabulous evening wear and “summer diamonds” (“Some are diamonds; some are not”), Madame’s look is based on movie stars such as Gloria Swanson. Madame is rumoured to be based on a Washington, DC gay icon, waitress and restaurant hostess Margo MacGregor.

Madame’s many TV appearances included Laugh-In; a long run on the game show Hollywood Squares (replacing Paul Lynde in The Centre Square); a recurring comedy skit on Solid Gold; a regular on ABC’s short-lived summer replacement show called Keep on Truckin’, various TV guest spots; and as the star of her own syndicated 1982 sitcom, Madame’s Place, which in itself was the precursor to every reality TV show out there!

Flowers and Madame were in the centre square on the final NBC episode of Hollywood Squares in June 1980; host Peter Marshall asked Madame the final game question of the daytime series, which was: “Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and Strauss lived in the same place. Where did they all live?” Madame’s “comic” answer: “At the YMCA!” Then her “serious” answer: Germany. (The correct answer: Austria.) More detailed info:

Bookings will fill up fast, Madame has and always will be a HOT COMMODITY to have on! For more information on Madame, Marlena Shell, Wayland Flowers, the CROWDFUNDER Campaign and OPEN DATES please send request to AL GEINER PR 614.288.1660 OR via email


NU-SYNTH POP IS HERE!  You’ve heard of Nu-Disco, well introducing from DOWN UNDER the recording artist BRECIK who’s launching off NU-SYNTH POP and its  Giving you a Raging RezErection! When he’s done then on to the  flipside and Stay … the Remake!  Aussie Lad BRECIK gives the music to you hard, the Pop, the Electronica, slam in EDM.  This double sided release will take you back to the era of the 45! Side A:  RezErection is a  high energy track with all the latest dub step/dance cross over sounds and Destined to be a club favourite. Side B: The ‘anthemic’ dance mix STAY – featuring the amazing vocals of Mz Ari!!! An amazing dance remix by top remixer/producer Jeffo,this  Shakespears Sister remake is a  remix that will keep your body shaking and grooving!

Brecik started singing back in the day with an amazing Adelaide cover band ‘Chunky Custard’ performing all the hits from the 70’s and 80’s. On making the move to Melbourne he knew that singing was in his blood and what he wanted to continue with. Brecik started collaborating with some of the hottest producers around at the time, creating a selection of tracks that struck a chord with the Electro Dance loving population! With the addition of Mz Ari on guest vocals, Dan hitting the guitar and Production by SonicBoy and Stuart Stuart in 2010 – a new sound was created and the ‘Red Rocket’ was launched! ‘Red Rocket’ featured the hit ‘BreakDown’ which has a huge following and has been used in fashion parades and videos around the world! A special cover of Madonna’s ‘Into The Groove’ was released – with Brecik giving their explosive rocktronica take on the dance classic – winning them more fans world over!

Catch the official videos via the links:  RezErection  Stay


MP3 links available to editors, producers and programme directors upon request


FOLLOW  BRECIK on Twitter  @_BRECIK   LIKE on FACEBOOK just look for BRECIK  .  Check out his websites and watch his videos on his YouTube Page  Booking enquires should be directed to his mngt team  at Melodic Music  Interview and other PR enquiries should be directed to Al Geiner PR/LRT Entertainment or 614.288.1660








SK8 On To The dance Floor!  New Dance Hit by the international Dance Diva SK8 is slated to hit the download sites 14 June 2014  just as PRIDE is upon the masses. Released on BRM-ELECTRO,   the new single IF I HAD YOU, the new hot SUMMER ANTHEM that will drive the punters to the dance floor spinning under the disco ball, steadfast to become a favourite on the DECKS and downloaded on every playlist from the US, UK to Brazil and beyond. SK8 best known for smash Hit NATION along with   ONE LOVE and also one of the top Hostesses at massive electro dance events which are in correlation with the biggest Brazilian events, such as carnival and is quickly spreading into the USA.

An admitted “gear head” with a true sense of song, SK8’s accomplishments include a stunning collection of hits such as: “My Imagination,” “Nation,” “Deep End,” “TINA,” and “Amnesty,” written and recorded in collaboration with various music talents from the worlds of dance, pop and rock including: Todd Terry , Pete Tong, Carl Ryden of Shapeshifters, and Trent Cantrelle. From the  top 40 Billboard Dance Chart hits TINA  Amnesty, Into the Light, Crazy in Love, and One Love.  Sk8 has been making musical waves. Her releases and video are supported internationally by Billboard and Promo Only.  SK8 is a rare nightlight in the dance music landscape. Her educated understanding of arrangements in music and digital editing give her a smart, sexy and sophisticated edge that time after time result in nothing but success. More background info on Sk8 can be found on here website


PROMO LISTEN ONLY  LINK  **EDITORS AND PRODUCERS the file link can be sent to you  




For more info on SK8 follow her on Twitter @sk8usic and LIKE her on Facebook. Further enquiries can be directed to AL GEINER PR via and 614.288.1660


Few recording artist attain the stature of being recognise by just one name CHERYL and her vocal prowess along with serious dance moves on the pole join the honours of that exclusive club. CHERYL’s combination of melodic talents and cavort moves that are resonant of Tina Turner, her new hit MOVE YOUR SEXY BODY make that assertion unmistakeable spot on!

The music in Move Your Sexy Body will capture you and have you moving parts of your body before you realize you are MOVING YOUR SEXY BODY. The lyrics have an uncomplicated, fun, sexy appeal to listeners. Catering to society’s intrigue of the power of sexuality. CHERYL recorded this song as an attempt to inspire women of all ages, race, ability, sizes, shapes, to release that sexy, powerful being inside them. She demonstrates the artful expression of MOVING YOUR SEXY BODY in the video. Cheryl says there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman who discovers, explores, embraces and maintains her sensual sexuality and having the courage “to be who she is”. Knowing that your only limits, boundaries, or “expiration dates” are those that you set for yourself. We all love women “in control”;  (especially Gay men LOVE strong Independent Women) Her lyrics take us there with, “I hope that what I see I like, I may just let you ride my bike”, or “You may just luck up and get me tonight, first you have to show me you can dance, SO DANCE”

PROMO LINK please tic here  and


CHERYL, a native of Gastonia NC and now in LA also heads her own label LOTUS Records. Embracing the teachings of Buddha and the Lotus Sutra, another Tina Turner akin, along with the mantra Namu Myōhō Renge Kyō to “attain perfect and complete awakening”; the mission of the label is to develop, promote and attain awakening talent, bringing their dreams to fruition. As her idol Tina Turner once said, “Anything is possible”.   For further information on Lotus Records/Bungalo/UMGD  check out and follow on Twitter @TheCherylReid

Send all enquires For CHERYL  to Al Geiner PR via or 614.288.1660 FOLLOW on Twitter too I_PR_THINGS







A new type of celebrity Chef!  Marcus Guiliano:  Ecolectic Restauranteuer, Health Nut, Raw Food Lover, Food Educator, Ultra marathoner  and restaurant consultant are just a few of the fortes of this multiple faceted maestro of cuisine.   Chef Marcus purpose in life is to be the guru of healthy food, exposing the masses to gourmet holistic cuisine that satisfies the palate and helps the body by practically using no white sugar or white flour, basically avoiding chemical ingredients, incorporating vegan fare, free range meats, sustainable seafood and organic ingredients.  From his blog and videos on healthy eating and living, to his 50 Mistakes Restaurant owners make, to running his Famous Aroma Thyme Bistro in the Catskills NY Chef Marcus Guiliano is the CHEF to watch! 


Marcus Guiliano began cooking in the Borscht Belt in the Catskills. Growing up in upstate New York, he was around traditional kosher hotels. Marcus’ first steps were as a busboy and then waiter at fourteen years old. Working at a small chalet resort gave him his first kitchen experience in which he switched sides to become a chef and learned quickly and took over the kitchen within a year. After a year gaining experience, Chef Marcus went to work at the Nevele Resort in Ellenville, NY. Excelling in culinary school, the head of the department pulled him aside and introduced him to the famed Greenbrier Resort. It took two years of applying to be accepted by the chef there.  Chef Marcus finally discovered his calling in 1999 after eight years culinary experience. He was a seasoned veteran chef with stints at famous resorts such as The Greenbrier Resort and the Broadmoor Resort, plus a stint working at Pierre Koffman’s La Tante Claire in London, a coveted Michelin Three Star restaurant. Knowing something was just not quite right “All this experience taught me how to cook great tasting food which was slowly killing me,” he explains. “I was overweight. I had high cholesterol, high blood pressure, asthma and I was facing an operation for acid reflux.” Then Chef Marcus happened to watch Gary Null promoting his book, Get Healthy Now: A Complete Guide to Prevention, Treatment, and Healthy Living on public television. Marcus rushed to a health food store for a copy and read it immediately. (He subsequently contributed numerous recipes to Null’s recently released book, The Power of Aging.) “The principles I discovered from Null and others changed everything. I learned about detoxifying the body, the need for exercise and, most important of all, whole foods and a diet based on whole foods alone. It’s no exaggeration to say that it changed my life.”Having saved himself, Chef Marcus, together with his wife Jamie, turned to helping everyone else. The first step was opening Aroma Thyme Bistro on new year’s eve 2003. Aroma Thyme Bistro offers an innovative menu of focused, natural cuisine that reflects balance and well-being. 


For more information on Chef Marcus  check out his website and follow him on Twitter @healthychefdude   make sure to “Like” his Facebook page  CHEF ON A MISSON to see all what’s on with this new type of Celebrity Chef! Any and all enquiries and request can be sent to AL GEINER PR  614.288.1660  or





Pop Artist SK8, homo honey and fav of the gays on 2 continents of North and South America  including Europe and China is all geared up for PRIDE and would love to appear at your event.  She is launching a new single dance remix just in time for PRIDE time called IF HAD YOU.



You can check out the Nation Video here–G7tM4 

More info can be found on her website   And whilst havent had a chance to get her new stuff up yet  here is sk8’s soundcloud  Here is her remake of Second Hand News  just out a few moths back 


Love to hear your thoughts on having SK8 at your event this PRIDE season   You can contact via 



Causing a RUMBLE DOWN UNDER the Latest from Pop Tronica Artist BRECKI~! Join the Aussie masses in this homage’ tribute to The Real Housewives of Melbourne Star Gina Liano with the song and GoPro Shot Video “YOU WILL NEVER BE HER!  Tic the link to watch and look for it soon on I-TUNES The song transcends easily to those who don’t follow the Australian version of The Real House Wives into a summer time gay anthem hit.


About Brecik [pronounced Bret-Chick] is a scathingly brilliant mixture of 80’s Synth Pop with the heart racing Pop of today’s dance scene.  Powerful and seductive the boy hits that perfect pitch with an emotional merger of pop, rock and dance; Brecik’s playful edge is reminiscent of the sounds of Erasure, David Bowie and George Michael  Creating the RETROESQUE sound of POP TRONICA!  His song BREAKDOWN is rapidly becoming a favourite DJ’s worldwide, YOU WILL NEVER BE HER is soon to join the mix. Check out the song BREAKDOWN here PROMO ONLY TRACK


His forthcoming Studio Album is about to launch Brecik have been Working with Melbourne hottest new producer ‘Jeffo’ – RezErection adds to the already amazing electro dance feel – incorporating elements of dubstep and club beats to complete that perfect sound which will vibrate through your body – you will not be able to keep still taking in this new music. RezErection – the vivacious new album will be launching very soon – This will be a sensational release that you will not want to miss out on.


LIKE him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter for current updates, pics and what’s on with Brecik.  Check out his websites watch his videos on his YouTube Page  Booking enquires should be directed to his mngt team  at Melodic  Interview and other PR enquiries should be directed to Al Geiner PR/LRT Entertainment or 614.288.1660

Song to support​ 15 year old cancer ​victim going viral!​

National Recording Artist and Kansas City native, Luke Minx along YouTube sensation, Maddi Jane, collaborate with “Hold On,” a new song and music video benefiting 15 yr. old Jonas Borchert currently battling cancer. Accumulating over 400,000 views in less than a three months, the videos popularity has increased exposure of Jonas condition and raising proceeds to benefit The Borchert family in their time of need.  With music produced by Sony ATV Multi-Platinum Producer, Mike Dupree, and video production assembled by Bizzness Films and Bryant McCain, the goal is to raise funds for Jonas and the Borchert family covering medical and living costs through this difficult time. 


“Hold On” was recorded with Eric Surratt of Midrange Music and MR3 Studios in Kansas City as well as music video shot with Bizzness Films in the greater KC area. In support of Jonas and his family, Maddi Jane’s version was recorded in Chicago in an effort to spread the message through her fan base around the world. 


Watch: Luke Minx and Maddi Jane – Hold On  

Buy Now on ITunes:


 Monetary donations along with support of Jonas Borchert, the 15 yr. old boy battling aggressive cancer is greatly appreciated. With hopes set on completing his sophomore year, Jonas continues to be an outstanding student, talented baseball pitcher, wrestler, musician while having dreams of becoming a pilot in the future. Jonas continues to fight with hope, faith, and diligence having beat cancer twice before through doctors diagnosis for no cure and very little chance with remission. 


Team Jonas is committed to finding cutting-edge technology through your donations to find a cure for Jonas along with others such as him.  Please join Luke and Maddi and Team Jonas in raising funds to help. To hear more about his story and to donate to his cause please visit: 

To keep the fight alive, Luke and Maddi have teamed up with GIGG to expand the outreach of Jonas story.

Luke and Maddi currently are involved in an online competition partnership with, a website “focused on discovering the greatest musicians in the world while allowing fan participation in the discovery process.” Gigg with Luke and Maddi’s hit duet “Hold On” seeks fans to cover the song and/or any Luke or Maddi song in their own style. Winners will be chosen at the end of May receiving a number of different prizes including a Tune Headphones, Skype phone call with the artists.’s reach accumulates to millions and millions of music fans around the world via their website also reaching hundreds of thousands via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Winners are chosen by mainstream artists as well as the user community receiving various prizes, sometimes even the chance to perform on some of the hottest stages around the world. Previous online competitions have included Skylar Grey (Grammy Award Winner), Robin Thicke, Jay Sean, Maroon 5, and many others.


Press enquiries should be sent to LRT PR via  (614.288.1660)  or

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From the heart of the country music world… Nashville, get ready for the new television programme NCR:  Nashville Country Revival. The brainchild of Bill Traylor and John Mathis of THE MANSION ENTERTAINMENT, the show focuses on the inspirational stories and songs of Country, Gospel and Blue Grass singers from the legendary to the new from TG Sheppard, Jimmy Fortune, Larry Stewart (Restless Heart), Gary Morris, John Berry, William Lee Golden (Oak Ridge Boys) and many others.  The show’s presenter is Bill Traylor, joining up for some interviews are Backstage Ministries own Larry Wilhite.


The programme has been picked up by Daystar, The Nashville Network, LeSEA Broadcasting, VTN  and DirectTVl.  Check out the sizzle reel   More information on Bill, John and their endeavours in music and shows can be found at   Make sure and follow on Twitter and Facebook for upcoming guest and more information on the show, along with exclusive behind the scenes Instagram photos, extended interviews and videos.


Further enquiries should be directed to LRT ENTERTAINMENT  via Audra Cheek


bil tImage