The idea of a PR Collective is partially based on past experiences  both good and bad of working and teaming up with other Publicist over the past 25 years. Most PR’s have been there, especially early in their careers so we can get our feet wet and learn the ins and outs of the biz. I owe my start to SHIRLEY McLEAN PR (UK) as she taught me how to be a publicist and the trade secrets  way back in 1992   In the beginning  I worked with her on various projects from music to a few movies; over the following years I worked on a few projects with Lynn Franks PR and GaleForce Mngt. as well.   It was always fun working with other Publicist, collaborating on ideas and tackling projects together.

The years since from time to time I have teamed up with other publicist to work on various projects, save one bad experience it is something I really like doing.

There are some great benefits to teaming up with from going after bigger clients and projects to having someone to bounce ideas off of (which is helpful if you are a publicist that works by yourself) and to make the work easier with each person taking on a particular task and more effectively getting the word and buzz going.

How it works… Publicist of kindred nature team up from time to time to work on projects together, with those involved dividing up the fee from the particular project.   Deciding on who will do what and when, the approach, all the details. Brainstorm and really working in tandem.  This can be done by written agreement between the parties, or a “gentlemen” agreement,  aka the handshake,  on each persons HONOUR. The less messy and  overly detailed the better

Additionally all PR’s  involved in the PR COLLECTIVE push each others individual projects  with simple  tweets  or likes   etc  #PRblurb  Nothing too involved but just a helping hand amongst publicist.

Being part of the #PRcollective can be a ONE OFF  or on going depending on the situation. With PR rapidly changing  (the press release as we know it is virtually dead) it getting tougher to get coverage in media (pay for placements. don’t do fluff pieces) More newbies are entering the field, radio and song pluggers with the guise of publicist who aren’t OR worse (oh I can do my own PR); publicist helping each other out is a really good idea.

Want to be part of the #PRcollective?    If interested use the HASHTAG  #PRcollective in your post   FOR EXAMPLE    working a  project #PRcollective     really want to go after this…. #PRcollective    Remember  2 heads are better than 1 in most situations, it’s always good to have help.

Look into other PR’s too   if there is someone you run across who you think you would work well together with on projects  approach them …. would love to team up with you  on some PR projects  #PRcollective

This is an evolving Idea… so  any thoughts… suggestions  are welcome  just email me